Huck, a young fluffy tabby cat lounging on a cat tree.

Bam Bam, now known as Sir Huckleberry Houdini (Huck for short), is thriving in his adoptive home!

Alley Cat Allies is so happy to share that one of our former adoptable cats, Bam Bam, is thriving in his adoptive home! Bam Bam, now known as Sir Huckleberry Houdini (Huck for short), was adopted in December of 2019. Since then he has settled beautifully into his new home—and has been just the remedy his adopter Susan and her family need from the stresses of the COVID-19 crisis.

Huck often sat in with Susan’s 8-year-old son Harrison when he had remote learning zoom calls for school during the pandemic. Once he was even Harrison’s “share” of the day, and his fluffy tabby fur, big green eyes, impressive tail, and adorable ear tufts charmed the entire class through the screen.

“I call Huck my son’s therapy cat,” Susan says. “Huck’s helping him through this COVID-19 situation and isolation, and they have such a special bond. All of Harrison’s home school writing was about Huck because Huck would sit with him as he worked.”

When he’s not a virtual school companion, Huck keeps his family—a loud house including Susan’s other son (age 5), another cat, a dog, and soon a puppy—on their toes with his kitten antics. He’s just over a year old and has boundless curiosity and energy. Always in the middle of the household action, he fetches toys and even enjoys belly rubs! As it turns out, there’s little time for cabin fever with Huck around.

It’s almost hard to believe the bold Huck of today is the same tiny and timid kitten who came to Alley Cat Allies last year. Back then, when Huck’s name was Bam Bam, he and his two sisters were more likely to shy away than roll over to ask young kids for a tummy scratch.

But, as with all of our adoptable cats, our incredible network of foster caregivers worked their magic. They socialized Bam Bam for months to build his confidence and then made sure to find the best  home to meet his needs: with Susan’s family.

Susan couldn’t be happier to have Huck in her life. As we all have discovered, quarantining during COVID-19 is difficult. With young kids, it can be even more of a challenge. Huck joined Susan’s family at just the right time to both support her children and come out of his own shell.

Harrison cuddles Huck

Harrison and Huck have a special bond.

“Huck is so affectionate and patient, and he has his tail up all the time in a way I’ve never seen!” Susan says, which—as we detail in our Visual Guide to Cat Body Language—speaks to Huck’s happiness and confidence with his adoptive family. “We’re totally smitten and we can’t imagine our lives without him.”

And we at Alley Cat Allies couldn’t be happier knowing Huck is so loved. Don’t just take our word for it—here is what Harrison wrote about Huck for a school assignment:

“This is all about my kitten Huck.  His bushy tail makes him look like a baby raccoon.  When you look into his eyes all you can see is cuteness.  His little white paws are just so cute.”

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