At Alley Cat Allies, we are first and foremost advocates. The work is challenging as we confront animal cruelty head-on and carefully navigate systemic threats to cats. Our staff and board are committed to working every day to protect and improve the lives of cats everywhere.

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BeckyHeadshot_bioBecky Robinson
President and Founder

Becky Robinson discovered a colony of feral cats when she took a shortcut down an alley in Washington, D.C. A single Trap-Neuter-Return project to improve the lives of those cats led to an exciting and new national movement for all domestic cats led by Alley Cat Allies, the nonprofit organization she founded in 1990. Learn more about Becky.

Donna-150x150Donna Wilcox
Vice President
Donna Wilcox has been with Alley Cat Allies since the beginning. She brought the organization from a small, startup nonprofit with limited reach, to the premiere national organization dedicated to protecting and improving cats’ lives. Learn more about Donna


Community Programs and Support

Alice Burton, Associate Director of Animal Shelter & Animal Control Engagement  (Learn more about Alice.)
Jessie Chen, Programs Associate
Robert Draper, Field Representative, Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Project
Stephen Garraty, South New Jersey Field Representative
Calvin Huynh, Data Entry Associate
Kimberly Kean, Atlantic City Program Manager (Learn more about Kim.)
Daniel López Breña, Senior National Cat Help Desk Specialist and Campaigns (Learn more about Daniel.)
Brianna Lovell, Associate Director of Community Engagement & Events (Learn more about Brianna.)
June Matics, Director of Content Development (Learn more about June)
Clay Myers, Senior Manager, New Jersey Operations
Harshil Parikh, Salesforce Developer
Presley Reed, Salesforce / Database Manager (Learn more about Presley)
Julia Seeley, Senior Programs Associate (Learn more about Julia)
Elizabeth Siebenhar, Programs Manager
Frances von Friedeburg, Outreach and National Cat Help Desk Specialist (Learn more about Frances )
Kay Zeron, Database & Operations Associate


Nicole Geldart, Creative Director (Learn more about Nicole)
Colleen Jaskot, Writer
Coryn Julien, Communications Associate
Gretchen Knell, Web Manager
Lacey Mason, Social Media Specialist (Learn more about Lacey)
Clifford Moberg, Project Director (Learn more about Clifford)
Shannon O’Rourke, Communications Associate
Samantha Rosen, Content Writer & Editor
JJ Scharl, Multimedia Designer


Cathy Brown, Donor Relations Associate
Colleen Cronin, Development Assistant (Learn more about Colleen)
Bianca Doyle, Development Associate (Learn more about Bianca)
Christian Kamongi, Development Associate (Learn more about Christian)
Jessica Kern, Associate Director of Development (Learn more about Jessica)
Zakeia Rodgers, Direct Response Associate (Learn more about Zakeia)

Humane Law & Policy

Molly Armus, Staff Attorney (Learn more about Molly.)
Misty Christo, Staff Attorney (Learn more about Misty.)


Yolanda Davis, Office Manager
Chenoa Ellison, Administrative Assistant
Sherrod Hood, Executive Assistant
Julie Lasheski, Media Assistant
Lillian Sand, Administrative & Finance Associate
Carrie Saylor, Operations Associate

Board Members

Board of Directors

Donna Wilcox, Board Chair
Karyen Chu, PhD, Board Treasurer; Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Irina Dline, Board Secretary; U.S. Department of the Treasury
Rachel Gorlin, Tipping Point Strategies
Patricia E. Kauffman
Dina Paxenos
Becky Robinson

Office Cats

Oliverweb_2Oliver aka: The Shredder
(b. April 2009)
Office Job: Paper Shredder

How many laps can a cat sit on in one day? Oliver keeps a running list! He makes sure that everyone in the office gets the chance to experience his sweet disposition. If those visits are accompanied by treats, so much the better. When Oliver isn’t seeking laps and treats or lounging across desks, he’s all about that box life. Never deterred by a box’s small size, he loves curling up in one for a nap. Oliver is so content while in a box that he even allows us to give him kisses and belly rubs. If he bares his chubby middle outside of a box, watch out—he’s known for grabbing our hands. When it’s time to get a little exercise, Oliver prefers leaping into the air to catch the toys that his coworkers toss.  After his workout, he’s always up for some more food!

Charlesweb-2Charles aka: Chuck
(b. May 2002)
Office Job: Supervisory Librarian

Charles has been making the rules at Alley Cat Allies for the last 15 years. We may think we run the show—CEO this, associate director that—but we’re just playing his game. He has the women of the office wrapped around his paw. Charles acts aloof, holing up in the office library, commonly referred to as “Charles’ room,” getting all warm and snuggly among his choice of beds and baskets. When he wants attention, he simply strolls into an office or cubicle and demands that his chosen coworker follow him into his room. In between rolling around and purring, he thanks her with headbutts. Charles may bare his snaggletooth and slap his tail against the floor when referred to as “cute,” but he knows he’s adorable and is pleased that everyone else knows it, too. Here’s to another year of living that glorious cat life!

Frank the Feral aka: #FranktheFeral
Frank is a friendly feral cat who attends Alley Cat Allies’ events to advocate for his fellow felines. He enjoys meeting people and taking pictures with them. Want to meet Frank? Attend an Alley Cat Allies event – he just might make an appearance!