In a critical victory, the State of West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals sided with Alley Cat Allies and determined that our case to protect animals from cruelty at a Berkeley County shelter will continue to be heard.

Alley Cat Allies has been working to protect cats and dogs in Berkeley County since our in-depth investigation into Berkeley County Animal Control (BCAC) revealed what we consider to be a shocking pattern of animal cruelty in the shelter. The cruelty included withholding critical medical care from animals, resulting in suffering and death. Since then, Alley Cat Allies has pursued legal remedies to protect the animals now and into the future.

In late 2021, Alley Cat Allies filed a writ of mandamus in the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia—the highest court in the state. This lawsuit asks the Court to BCAC to act on its legal duty by providing veterinary care for the animals in its shelter.

The legal battle has been long, but we are not backing down and we will keep fighting for the animals of Berkeley County. Now, with the new decision from the Supreme Court of Appeals, we will continue to have our day in court rather than have our case dismissed.

We have strong and compelling evidence of neglect at BCAC that caused harm to animals and violated West Virginia animal cruelty laws. We will charge forward in pursuing legal action—and any other action it takes to ensure animals no longer suffer. We will keep you updated as the case moves forward.

Learn more about our ongoing work to protect Berkeley County’s cats.