It was a great year for cat-kindthanks to our advocates around the world. On Global Cat Day 2018, you shared your stories with us, and we’re inspired by your compassion. These stories show how anyone can make a difference, from vaccinating cats in neighborhoods to working toward creating a cat-friendly country.

As the year ends, we wanted to share some of our favorite tales of advocacy and action. We can’t wait for all we’ll accomplish together in 2019!

Christine Hubbard, California, United States


Christine’s decision to volunteer at a local shelter turned into her creating her own rescue, which has fostered almost 700 feral kittens and helped trap, neuter, return (TNR) thousands of cats.

Verónica Basterrica, Chile


Verónica founded project TNR Chile five years ago, revolutionizing cat-care across Chile. Her efforts lead to a nationwide law protecting cat colonies and requiring trap, neuter, vaccinate and return programs for community cats.

Marcus Bokowski, Illinois, United States


When Marcus discovered stray kittens near his home, he knew he couldn’t leave them to fend for themselves. Soon, Frosty and Noel were a part of his family!

Sam Wilson, Iowa, United States


In Iowa, Sam was able to change the status quo of community cat care, implementing TNR and saving thousands of cats. Now, Sam promotes education and proper care of community cats throughout the region.

Kathy Stone, West Virginia, United States


To celebrate Global Cat Day (and her husband’s birthday), Kathy brought 12 community cats at the vet to be spayed or neutered, continuing five years of TNR in West Virginia with her husband.

Casey Ringger, Indiana, United States


Casey provided a pregnant community cat with a safe place to have her kittens, and then after learning about TNR, got the mother and the entire litter spayed and neutered.

Heather Smith, Maryland, United States


One eartipped feral cat in Heather’s back yard inspired her to spay or neuter over 30 cats who lived in her neighborhood.

Lauren Theuerkauf, Illinois, United States


Lauren and her husband found a neglected kitten that opened their lives to cats, and who became their dog’s best friend.

Maryann Sworen, Pennsylvania, United States


Sparked by her daughter’s adopted cat, Tiger, Maryann began volunteering at the local rescue and now cares for over a hundred cats each week.

Anna Feldman, Moscow, Russia


With no laws to protect them in Russia, Anna established the first cat advocacy organization in Moscow. Their work includes rescuing cats in danger, working to change attitudes and supporting legislation to protect cats across the country.

Bob Belt, Florida, United States


His friendship with a local feral cat named Freddy spurred Bob to advocate for all the community cats in his area, championing the acceptance of TNR with citizens and government officials.

Sally McCampbell, Missouri, United States


Morning or night, these three cats show up at Sally’s doorstep for a meal. Their mother gave birth to them at Sally’s house, and it’s been a safe spot for them ever since!