We’ve had some amazing cats pass through Alley Cat Allies on their way to be adopted this year. In total, we helped 32 cats find their forever homes, and can’t wait to continue supporting cats through adoption, advocacy, TNR, and more, for years to come! Below are a few of the cats adopted in 2018 that you might remember:


A sweet and spunky girl, Aladdin’s always ready to play, whether it be with a cat-toy, or simply a shoelace. When all the play’s over, she’s happy to curl up for a nap on a lap.


Along with being gorgeous and fluffy, Alister is a huge lovebug. He’s just an easy-going boy with a big heart.

Calvin and Hobbes

Just like their namesakes, these brothers are best friends, ready for a life of play with their loving family.


Carlotta got her name from where she was found – in a parking lot! With her adventurous days behind her, Carlotta was ready to be adopted to a new home.


The ultimate lap cat, Fritzie loves nothing more than spending time with people – she’s even been known to give hugs!


Gertrude had the good luck to be found by her future adopter on St. Patrick’s Day. At the time, she was so small, but was saved thanks to a good Samaritan!


A real sweetheart, Jenny loves spending time with people, whether it be chasing balls or sharing hugs and kisses.


17 pounds of pure love, Jerome earned the nickname “Bus.” He’s known for being calm and comforting, but he’ll also take any opportunity to show off his athletic skills.


During the daytime, Jocie is ready to run around playing with her toy mouse, but at night, she’s tired herself out and only wants to snuggle up until she starts it all over the next day!


Julie is an excellent doorwoman, always ready to greet guests when they enter. Once inside, she loves nothing more than showering them with affection.


Lacey was looking for a home that included a special someone – a feline companion to spend her time with!


A tiny cat with a shy personality to match, Mercury was a little nervous when she was adopted, but has since settled in and is loving her new life.


Found by an Alley Cat Allies volunteer out on a hike, Skeeter was injured and needed life-saving surgery. Now, all he wants to do is enjoy the good life and spend her time looking out the window!


Sully loves a good play around with feather toys and laser pointers, but he’s also happy to sit in a lap and soak up some attention.


After getting her four kittens adopted, Venus was ready for it to be her turn! She’s happy to be an empty-nester and enjoy her retirement with pets, cuddles and sitting by the window.