Global Cat Day®, on October 16, 2020, is a powerful reminder that it is only through YOUR voice that cats are defended. Cats need us to speak for them because they cannot speak for themselves.

On this special day dedicated to saving cats and kittens, Alley Cat Allies is calling on compassionate people to join us in changing society to benefit cats and us all.

If we don’t act—especially as the COVID-19 pandemic occupies us and makes it possible for dangerous animal laws to advance unchecked—cats will be killed.

That’s why on Global Cat Day 2020, we’re inspiring individuals to become advocates for cats, from Vermont to Vietnam. Whether you’re a seasoned or budding advocate, let’s raise our voice louder than ever on behalf of cats who are in danger right now and urgently need us.

We’re asking 100,000 people to sign our Global Cat Day Pledge and send a strong message of compassion for animals to policymakers everywhere. The simplest act of speaking up makes a difference in the lives of cats and kittens.

If you’re ready to take your advocacy to the next level to save cats’ lives—on October 16 and every day—we can show you how to get started. Let’s walk through the statements in our Global Cat Day Pledge and show how you can put action behind each one.


  1. I believe that all cats have the right to live their life. Whether they live indoors or out in the community, all cats’ lives are precious.

Many people do not realize that cats who live outdoors, known as community cats, are thriving right where they are. By understanding that community cats are at home outdoors, your community can make choices that are in these independent cats’ best interest.


This Global Cat Day, consider sharing Alley Cat Allies’ educational resources on community cats, who they are, how to live with them, and the best practices such as Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to help them. You can find them all in our shop—and all have free PDF versions!


  1. I believe that humane and non-lethal programs are the right approach to managing cat populations. There are many viable methods to use with cats in all environments that don’t involve death.

Shelters and animal control agencies need to know that cruel catch and kill schemes for cats never work, and that humane and effective policies like TNR are the key to saving cats and benefitting the community.


That’s where you come in! If your local shelter has not yet adopted humane policies that save the lives of cats and all animals, Alley Cat Allies has tools to help you make a change.


The first step is to learn what your shelter’s policies are. Then you can start to network with your community to find other like-minded people. We’ll walk you through it in our Finding and Understanding Your Laws resource at


  1. I believe we must take action to ensure no more lives are lost. From educational programs to policy initiatives, we must ensure those in position to make change have the knowledge and tools to do so.


Changing the world for cats starts with grassroots advocacy, which means taking action where you live. Alley Cat Allies works every day to educate elected officials and other key stakeholders on humane policies. You can, too!


Our Advocacy Toolkit will provide you with easy steps in fighting for laws and policies in your community that protect cats and support lifesaving programs like TNR. Just sending a letter or making a phone call can have a powerful impact! The toolkit is always available at


This Global Cat Day, join us and speak out as a united force to declare all lives have value, and that we want to live in a world where cats are protected. Never underestimate the power you have to make lifesaving change.

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