We may have provided spay and neuter, vaccination, and other needed veterinary care for more than 1,000 cats between June 2022 and May 2023, but we at Alley Cat Allies never rest on our laurels (and we know our supporters feel the same)! As soon as we crossed the 1,000-cat threshold in our work with the Humane Society of Atlantic County in New Jersey, we only had one thing to say: “Let’s help 1,000 more!”

So we cracked our knuckles, stocked the spay and neuter clinic, and set to work. We set a new goal to Trap-Neuter-Return 1,000 cats and kittens between May and October of this year—and we’re so close to the finish line.

And as with all of our work, providing greater access to veterinary care for the community’s cats is a top priority. Cats like Luna, who came into one of the clinic days half-blind and with potential drug exposure, are treated for as long as it takes them to recover as a built-in component of our grant.

Luna is doing amazing, undaunted by her disability, and is currently looking for her forever home. Thanks to our grants, nearly 2,000 more cats and kittens have also been spayed or neutered and vaccinated in Atlantic County since June 2022. On top of it all, our food bank in the county is helping dedicated caregivers provide for their community cats. That’s what we call impact!

And we’re already gearing up for the next logical question: “How about 1,000 more?”