Alley Cat Allies swept the cats and kittensand even”¯dogs!we have available for adoption out of immediate danger. Now they are ready for the second chance they deserve. The next step on their journey is a new home…could it be yours?

You can change their lives right now, and here’s how:

  1. MEET THEM! Read about their unique personalities belowthey are all adorable, special individuals who will bring so much joy to their new families.
  2. ADOPT! If you live in the Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Maryland, or New Jersey  areas, you can be these animals’ new lease on life. There are few experiences more rewarding. Learn more at
  3. SHARE! If you’re unable to adopt, you can still help by getting the word out. SHARE their stories to raise awareness and help these animals find the right homes for them.

Without further ado, we would like to introduce you to just a few of our adoptable cats, kittens, and dogs. Be sure to check them all out on Petfinder! 



Ivy is a very affectionate kitten who wants to be friends with everyone, human or animal! Ivy loves to play, be it with his toys or with other kittens. And when it’s bedtime, he loves nothing more than to snuggle up with his feline friends. In short, Ivy would thrive in a home with other cats. He’s even pretty keen on befriending dogs!

Among Ivy’s favorite things are being picked up and petted (he purrs like an engine) and napping in office chairs.

Want to know more about Ivy? Head over to his Petfinder page!



Jetta, 2 years old, is the most loveable and playful girl! She’s a big adventurer, so she loves car rides and walks and running around in a yard. Her ideal home would have a big fenced-in back yard where she can romp and roam as she pleases. When it’s playtime, be sure to break out the rope toys or anything strong with no stuffing that she can tug and shake (she’s a big fan of tug of war!).

Though she’s energetic and needs a lot of play to let off steam, Jetta is also a huge cuddle bug. After a long day of adventuring, she likes to crawl onto a couch or into bed and snuggle with you. She especially adores fresh, clean blankets! She’ll bury herself into them and make happy grunt noises.

We’re so eager to find Jetta the right home, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested. Ask about her on Petfinder!

Little Cat 


Little Cat is the sweetest girl with the most gorgeous long black coat (and she’ll need daily grooming to keep that luxurious fur beautiful and healthy!). Though she’s very loving, she is equally independent and likes attention on her own terms. If she wants to be petted, she will approach you for affection. For the same reason, she would like to be the only cat in your life and would prefer a home without dogs.

Little Cat likes to explore, sleep in hidden areas, and look out of windows. When she’s feeling energetic, she’ll roll on the floor on her back. She’s not a big fan of toys, but she won’t say no to catnip!

Check her out on Petfindershe couldn’t be any cuter! 



Evie is such a sweet and affectionate girl. She loves attention so much that she prefers to be the only cat in the household so she can have all the love! Evie is very talkative and will no doubt follow you around the house, meowing all the way. She absolutely adores catnip and perching up high on cat trees.

Ask about Evie on Petfinder. 



Dynah is the most beautiful, friendly and talkative girl! She loves all her friends, be they kittens, adult cats, or people. She is very vocal when she wants to be pet or picked up and if all else fails, she’ll paw at you until you give her some attention.

With how sweet and social she is, we think Dynah would do well with a dog, too. Talk about the perfect addition to any family!

Get the ball rolling by heading to her Petfinder page. 



Deena loves people and other cats, but she’s a bit shy and it can take her some time to come around to new friends. With a little patience and a lot of TLC, though, she’ll come right out of her shell! She’s more loving than playful and prefers you over a toy any time of day.

More on the quiet side, Deena is just the right amount of talkative. Purring is another storyshe doesn’t stop as long as you’re petting her! Since she can be skittish, we think Deena would do best in a quiet household with plenty of affection to go around and without dog companions.

If you have questions, ask them through Petfinder.