Good news! On June 9, the New York State Assembly voted to approve A.9487! The bill now passes to the Senate, where it is now before the Senate Agriculture Committee. Now the bill must pass the Senate before it becomes a law.

AB 9487 and SB 7290, would expand the reach of the state spay/neuter fund to include Trap-Neuter-Return efforts. Community (feral) cats have a critical need for spay and neuter services, but currently, New York’s spay/neuter fund is not authorized to support TNR projects.

Studies show that only a small percentage of community cats are sterilized compared to pet cats, so expanding the reach of the spay/neuter fund will allow it to have a greater impact without increasing cost. When impounded in shelters, community cats are nearly always killed. These bills would save cats lives by controlling the population humanely, through spaying and neutering.

New York Residents: Ask your State Senator to support community cats!
Time is running out before the Senate adjourns for the summer. Respectfully contact your State Senator today!

Not in New York? Learn how to build Trap-Neuter-Return capacity in your community.