Our supporters like you are the reason we can save cats’ lives and change communities across the country. Your compassion powers our mission—and there’s no better time than the holiday season to give generously through Alley Cat Allies’ 2022 Holiday Cat-A-Log!

Every year Alley Cat Allies creates a new Cat-A-Log with selections to support our impactful work for cats and kittens. We aim to close out the holiday season and start 2023 as strong as possible for cats who need us, and we need you by our side.

Your Gift Before December 31 Helps Cats Like:


In the aftermath of animal cruelty or natural disasters, Alley Cat Allies ensures cats, kittens, and dogs receive care they need in experienced foster homes until they can find adoptive families. The power of foster care support cannot be overstated—it’s often the first loving environment an animal has experienced. With your help, we give cats like Mittens an all-expenses-paid safe haven as they await that next step.

Your gift of $35 through our holiday Cat-A-Log helps support foster care for cats and kittens until they are adopted.

James Bond 007

Alley Cat Allies is pursuing extraordinary judicial remedies to break a cycle of cruelty in places such as the Berkeley County Animal Control shelter in West Virginia, which violated state law by withholding critical veterinary treatment from animals. In Oakland, California, we’re in court fighting an unlawful new policy that allows the killing of cats on parklands.

With your help, our legal advocacy will make a powerful statement that taxpayer-funded animal cruelty will never be tolerated.

Your gift of $50 in our Holiday Cat-A-Log will support our critical legal work on behalf of cats like James Bond, rescued from the Berkeley County Animal Control shelter.


Tiny Sharon came into Alley Cat Allies’ care at just a month old and was so sick and weak we worried she wouldn’t make it. But we never give up on a cat who needed us. We ensured Sharon received swift veterinary treatment and a safe, loving foster home with a caregiver experienced in neonatal kitten care.

Sharon was bottle fed, kept warm, and cared for until she was 2 months old, strong and at the right age to be spayed and adopted.

Your gift of $100 helps us save neonatal kittens like Sharon, give them the round-the-clock care they need, and educate communities on the best ways to protect kittens outdoors.


Immediately after historic tornadoes hit the U.S. heartland, Alley Cat Allies was on the front lines in the hard-hit community of Mayfield, Kentucky, at the request of local leaders. We helped direct efforts to save cats like Cali, and today — a year after the tornadoes — we continue to support the community through targeted, holistic spay and neuter and wellness clinics for pet and community cats.

In 2022 alone, we saved over 500 cats and dogs in Mayfield. Our disaster response strategy prioritizes both short-term and long-term protections for cats and all animals!

Your gift of $200 empowers us to support communities and save animals’ lives in the aftermath of disasters by providing funding, supplies, and our 30+ years of on-the-ground expertise.

Mr. Meow

Alley Cat Allies is calling for the maximum punishment by law for the California man accused of shooting and killing tabby cat Mr. Meow. Our Stop Cruelty to Cats campaign is confronting the epidemic of violence toward cats in our society, raising awareness of the link between violence against animals and violence against people, and dismantling entrenched, institutional cruelty.

We call for justice for Mr. Meow and aim to set a critical precedent to treat animal cruelty as the public health crisis it is.

Your gift of $500 today in our Holiday Cat-A-Log gives us an enormous leg up in our tireless work to stop animal cruelty and educate individuals to report and respond to cruelty when they see it.

Make a Holiday Impact for Cats

With a gift from our Cat-A-Log to honor the holiday spirit, you can empower Alley Cat Allies to create even more happy endings for cats and kittens. We once again earned the highest possible ratings from Charity Navigator and Candid, the top charity evaluators in the United States—so you can rest assured that your gift makes a difference.

Help protect cats this holiday season and beyond with a gift from our CAT-A-LOG.

Thank you and have a safe and happy holiday season!