Kittens Need You! Protect Them with These Essential Tools

Thank you for attending the Online Kitten Conference to learn how you can save more kittens! To boost your lifesaving efforts, Alley Cat Allies is offering a complimentary Kitten Bundle filled with expert information that will help you protect kittens in any and all circumstances.

For kittens to survive, it’s critical that we ensure they stay out of the animal shelter system. We’re in the thick of kitten season right now; the time of year when countless kittens under eight weeks old are found outdoors and brought to shelters by well-meaning but misguided people.

The truth is most shelters don’t provide the special care these vulnerable kittens require. They are killed instead.

We have to act now to save them.

With Alley Cat Allies’ complimentary Kitten Bundle, you’ll learn more about kittens, the policies and programs that protect them, and the dangers they still face. Then, you can share that knowledge with your community and work together to help more kittens live long, healthy lives.

Our complimentary Kitten Bundle includes:

  • An 11×17 full-color “˜How Old Is That Kitten?’ poster
  • A full-size, color-printed Kitten Progression Pocket Guide
  • An 11×17 full-color “˜Help, I Found a Kitten!’ poster
  • A Fact Sheet PDF about our Kitten Care Kit
  • Pediatric Spay and Neuter Postcard
  • Pediatric Spay and Neuter Poster