Delaware’s Cats Need You!

This action is ONLY for residents of Delaware

UPDATE—July 3, 2021

This bill, which was renamed as Delaware HB 263 to correct a technical error, passed both the Delaware House and Senate and now moves to the desk of Governor John Carney Jr. Thank you for taking action and stay tuned for further updates!

calico cat outside

Original Message

The Delaware House of Representatives is now considering SB 185, a bill to provide more money for the State Spay & Neuter Program. The bill has already passed the state Senate.

Your action is critical. The program currently does not have enough money to meet the need in the state. Additional funding will help local animal welfare organizations to sterilize community cats, while also meeting the needs of low-income residents to spay and neuter cats who live in their homes. Spaying and neutering is good for cats and good for the community.

We can help more cats in Delaware if we act now. Please ask your state representative to vote YES on SB 185.