Alley Cat Allies’ COVID-19 emergency funding to TLC PetSnip makes lifesaving work for Florida cats possible.

Alley Cat Allies has been extremely busy innovating to protect cats and kittens throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. With our Keeping Families TogetherTM campaign, we are working with organizations in Florida, including TLC PetSnip, Inc., to provide helping hands for cats and their caregivers at this most critical time.

Our emergency funding to TLC PetSnip, a non-profit organization, high-volume spay and neuter clinic, is enabling one-on-one Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) support and no-cost spay and neuter for Florida communities. It is also providing cat food for those who need assistance to feed the cats in their care.

“For us, it’s just so exciting to be able to make this impact with Alley Cat Allies’ help,” says Lisa Gray, the development director of TLC PetSnip. “We’re making progress to make a dent in all the need in this community.”

An Upgraded Approach to TNR in Florida


Community cats in their humane traps await spay and neuter at a TLC PetSnip clinic. Alley Cat Allies’ emergency funding is covering the costs of many of these surgeries.

So far, Alley Cat Allies’ funding has helped TLC PetSnip spay and neuter, vaccinate, microchip, and eartip hundreds of community cats in Florida, often at no cost to caregivers. Our grants have also covered the costs to supply community cat caregivers with cat food for their colonies.

To help ensure utmost safety during the pandemic, TLC PetSnip staff have adopted strict measures to combat COVID-19 at all locations. All wear protective masks, clean and sanitize clinics carefully, and have curbside drop-off and pick-up for spay and neuter surgery or other veterinary appointments.

The TLC PetSnip community cat surgeon is Dr. Bob Weedon, recipient of Alley Cat Allies’ Oliver Award in January 2020.


TLC PetSnip’s revamped cargo van, now outfitted for TNR.

As TLC PetSnip’s capacity for TNR increases, our support is helping bridge gaps in access to transportationa common issue in the communities the clinic serves. Some of our emergency funding has paid to revamp a cargo van and outfit it just for Florida spay and neuter during TNR.

Now when people trap cats with the help of TLC PetSnip’s staff trapper, the cats can be taken to and from TLC PetSnip clinics in the upgraded van, which is designed for the comfort of the cats and staff.

All these services are making a lifesaving difference at this most challenging time.

Creating Positive Outcomes


Dr. Michele McCutcheon, DVM examines a cat at a TLC PetSnip clinic.

When a 72-year-old cat caregiver called TLC PetSnip for assistance with spaying and neutering community cats in a local Florida mobile home park, staff were able to respond swiftly with help from Alley Cat Allies’ funding. The multi-talented staff took to the front lines and humanely trapped dozens of cats, transporting them to a TLC PetSnip clinic for spay and neuter in the newly-equipped van.

A similar approach is being taken for community cats in another Florida neighborhood. An 84-year-old caregiver needed a hand, and we’re helping TLC PetSnip to provide it. Our emergency funding will allow for each cat to be neutered, vaccinated, and returnedand undergo further veterinary examination if needed.

“We’ve really worked through any hiccups we’ve had with help from this funding, and we’re gaining steam and gaining momentum,” says Gray. “We’re overwhelmed in a good way.”

Knowing Alley Cat Allies’ support is at their backs, TLC PetSnip staff have also been branching out into new and innovative ways to protect even more catsincluding encouraging people who call about kittens outdoors to Leave Them Beâ„¢ with their mother, who is their best caregiver.

“We’ve been encouraging people who call us about kittens to keep them safely with their mother until they are 8 weeks old,” says Gray. “Dr. Weedon and other volunteer surgeons have also volunteered to come in an extra day, so we can potentially help as many as 100 cats in a single day soon.”

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