The U.S. Big Cat Public Safety Act is scheduled to be heard in a congressional committee tomorrow, and we are asking for your help to push this important legislation forward. This act will outlaw private ownership of Big Cats such as lions and tigers and put an end to cruel cub-petting schemes that rip cubs from their mothers for profit.

In the absence of such regulation, the business of abducting, selling, and breeding Big Cats as “pets” or public attractions has led to several thousands more living in captivity in the United States than living in the wild worldwide.

Tell your representative to protect Big Cats and the public by immediately passing the Big Cat Public Safety Act, known as H.R. 263.

When Big Cats are protected, people are, too. The Big Cat Public Safety Act would save the lives of both Big Cats and the people put at risk when they are forced into unnatural and highly stressful conditions.

We can end the Big Cat trade in the United States and save lives—both cat and human—but only if citizens like you make your voices heard.

Please join us in urging your representative to pass the Big Cat Public Safety Act.