Global Cat Day, October 16, is your opportunity to take your love of cats to the next level. Because we all have cats and kittens who mean a lot to us, but not every cat has someone to advocate for her.

Cats need you to be their voice.

Here are six things you should know about Global Cat Day.

  1. Global Cat Day is necessary because cats are in danger.
    Millions of cats and kittens are needlessly killed every year. In the United States, more cats are killed in shelters than any other animal. Why? Because too many communities still have outdated laws. Because too many animal shelter policies are still barbaric. Because too many in the public are fed baseless claims about cats. We need change. Now.
  2. Global Cat Day exists because cats need YOU!
    I know you believe all cats deserve to live. By standing up for that belief, you give Alley Cat Allies the power to transform communities worldwide. You can tell your policymakers that you are against cats being put to death. You can help ensure those in a position to make change have the knowledge and tools to do so. One person, one voice, CAN make a difference.
  3. Global Cat Day truly is global.
    Global Cat Day was once called National Feral Cat Day. But the movement to protect and improve cats’ lives spans every country, so it was changed to reflect the scope of our work.
  4. Global Cat Day recognizes that cats live everywhere we do.
    And we’ve been together for a very long time! Cats started hanging out around humans 10,000 years ago. They came with us wherever we journeyed to put down roots. From deserts to rainforests to the tundra, cats live and thrive.
  5. Global Cat Day is about ALL cats as individuals.
    Fluffy the cat lives indoors and curls up in laps for attention. Oreo lives outdoors and comes to the back porch for food but doesn’t want to be pet. And Ace won’t approach people at all and finds his own meals. No matter where a cat lives, she deserves to be protected. No matter how close she is to people, her life has value.
  6. Global Cat Day runs on the power of the community.
    Ever heard the phrase “think globally, act locally?” No one can change the world on their own—and we don’t have to! From veterinarians to shelter staff to advocates, we all play a part in saving cats’ lives.

This Global Cat Day, don’t miss your once-a-year chance to join our global voice and shout in defense of cats. Sign and share our Global Cat Day Pledge today. We aim to reach 100,000 signatures to send the most powerful message to stop the killing.