ShareGraphic_BIG_YonkersPetitionNo matter where cats live—indoors or outdoors—they are valued. Animal abuse cannot be tolerated.

Stand with us against animal cruelty! Sign the petition demanding every instance of animal cruelty be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Every life matters. That’s why we treat every case with the same seriousness:

  • In Yonkers, NY where at least 25 cats were killed and hung from a tree, we’ve offered an award for information that leads to an arrest.
  • In Lakeland, Florida we’ve offered a reward to help find the person or persons behind a series of vile mutilations.
  • In South Bend, Indiana, we’re fully engaged in a case where 21 cats and other animals were found dead and stacked in an alley.
  • And we’re pursuing justice for Larry, a two-year-old pet intentionally shot and killed in January by a Nebraska police officer who is still on duty after receiving only a written reprimand.

If we don’t stand for these cats and kittens, no one will. Please join us in taking a stand. Not just for these cats, but for all cats.

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