It’s heartbreaking: Millions of cats are taken to shelters every year and 7 out of 10 of those cats are killed. Once impounded in a shelter cats are assigned a number that is written on a disposable collar that they will wear for the length of their stay and for too many of those cats it’s the last collar they’ll ever wear.

We are working to change the shelter system and save the lives of cats but we need your help. Contribute $10 or more today to support our work and we will send you a special Cat ID wristband that is similar to the disposable collar cats are given when they enter the shelter system. Wear your wristband as a reminder of the cats who enter our nation’s shelters and important role you play in saving the lives of cats and kittens.


We are working closely with shelters to create programs that safeguard all cats from harm. Communities look to us for help to implement lifesaving policies. We are:

  • Implementing shelter-based Trap-Neuter-Return programs that focus on neutering and vaccinating community cats and educating the public about their care;
  • Training shelter staff to build foster networks for neonatal kittens who are too young to survive alone without their mothers and require round-the-clock care from volunteers;
  • Increasing adoption rates by networking with local rescue groups

Your donation will help us save millions of cats by transforming our nation’s shelter system, step by step, and building safe communities for cats.

Get your Cat ID wristband and support our work to save cats today!