Alley Cat Allies is helping Richland, Missouri make huge strides for cats! We’ve been working extensively in the area, meeting with councilmembers, shelters, and vet clinics to support Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) in Richland and beyond. In March, Richland passed an Alley Cat Allies-modeled TNR ordinance with the goal of spaying/neutering nearly every community cat in the city within a year. With our support, more than 600 cats out of an estimated 900-1000 in the city have already been TNR’d!

We awarded two grants to bolster spay/neuter efforts in Richland, and inspire surrounding communities to pass TNR ordinances. The first grant paid for the spay/neuter, vaccinations, and food of 441 cats. The second, still ongoing grant has helped spay/neuter 182 more cats so far.

Alongside providing grants, we continue to work with shelters and decision makers throughout the state to make humane change. We also held workshops in multiple cities to teach community members how to care and advocate for community cats.

Richland’s highly successful TNR program is a model of humane, effective policies for other Missouri communities. We look forward to helping Richland accomplish its goal, and to passing TNR ordinances in more Missouri cities! We will keep you updated on our progress and successes.