How to save & take care of a kitten and feral cats - an advocacy tool kit

Stop Feeding Bans

Guide/How-to| Community Change

Feeding ban laws and ordinances are an ineffective and cruel approach to feral cats.

If your town is considering a feeding ban proposalor you’ve been threatened with or given a citation related to a feeding ban ordinance already in placewe know that you are in a difficult situation and facing difficult decisions about caring for cats.

We understand that some of you are continuing to feed cats even with a feeding ban in place, risking fines. You’re not alone! More than 40% of Americans have opened their hearts and wallets to care for and feed feral cats. We’re working every day to make sure everyone knows that feeding cats is commonand must be supported.

While we work at the national level to expose the irrationality of these laws, you can take steps at the local level to stop a feeding ban proposal, change an existing law, or protect yourself from citations.

  1. Learn more about why feeding bans don’t work. Often proposed by people who want the cats to “just go away,” these ordinances do not disperse feral cat colonies. The cats can find food elsewhere and looking for food only makes them more visible. Our position statement provides information and scientific evidence to youand those you are trying to persuadeabout why feeding bans are the wrong way to go.
  2. Organize with others in your community to stop a proposal or fight one already in place. There is power in numbersour Organizing your Community for Strategic Change for Cats section can help you get started. Open a dialogue with community leaders and organizations to educate them about the futility of feeding bans and encourage an effective, proven method: TNR.
  3. Get help and information if you’re facing a citation. If you do get involved in a situation where you need legal advice, use our information about how to find a lawyer. Feeding bans are different all over the country. If a feeding ban is in place for wild animals, in some cases, feeding feral cats is not included under such laws. You’ll have to read the local law and consider enlisting the help of a local lawyer. Learn more about how to understand your local laws.