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Cat Behavior Webinar Series

Webinar| Animal Shelter, Veterinarian Awareness

Do you ever wonder how cats see the world? Can you read your cat’s body language and understand how she feels? By the end of our Cat Behavior Webinar Series, you’ll know all of this and more!

We’re thrilled to bring you this special three-part webinar series to help you learn the ins and outs of the cats in your life.

The webinars in this series:

  • Understanding Your Feline Friend
  • Behavioral Enrichment for Your Cat
  • Common Behavior Problems in Cats

Understanding Your Feline Friend

How well do you understand the cats in your life? Have you ever wondered how a cat’s perception of the world might differ from your own? Attend this session to learn the answers to these questions and more! Whether you have cats of your own, foster them, or work at a shelter or rescue, this session, focusing on important parts of cat biology and behavior, will increase your understanding of and ability to build positive relationships with cats from all walks of life.


Behavioral Enrichment for Your Cat

Without mental and physical stimulation, cats can become bored and lazy, which can ultimately affect their quality of life. By offering enrichment, we give cats opportunities to think, learn, and do things that they like to do. From strategies for shelter staff and volunteers to clever tricks for fosters and owned cats, this webinar will have something for you!

Common Behavior Problems in Cats

While we love our cats, sometimes we don’t appreciate their behavior. Peeing outside the litter box, acting aggressive toward the other cats, scratching the furniture, just to name a few! By increasing our understanding of cat behavior, we increase our ability to find the root cause of an issue, which just might be critical to keeping that cat in a loving home. Attend this webinar to learn more about common behavior problems and their common fixes.