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  • Remerbrance: Fero

    Fero (short for Ferocious) was the sweetest and the most savage cat I have ever. She was my best friend, my baby. She was suffering from a liver ailment about which we found out during her last few days but she thought bravely, tried to stay with us but ultimately succumbed. Mom misses her a lot, she was holding her when Fero passed away. I will always love you my darling. Rest in peace.

    Anwesha Das
  • Remembrance – Eddie Brando
    Eddie Brando

    Thank you, my big fat Brando cat, for blessing me with your love and companionship. Our time together was far too short, and I miss your presence every moment of ever day, but I understand you're still with me in a different capacity. I love you, my soul cat, my Eddie Brando.

    Angie L
  • Remembrance Lucca
    Lucca Tetreaux

    Lucca means light, and he shown a light on my life for 17 years. He called to me from a cage across a large busy room when he was a kitten to say we belonged together, and he was right. He was a protector and expert cuddler. I will always love you sweet Lucca.

  • Arlo Tetreaux
    Arlo Tetreaux

    Beautiful, wonderful Arlo. My sweet, smart strong boy. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I will love you forever, and am forever grateful for your companionship.

  • Emma Lou
    Emma Lou

    Emma Lou: 2006? - May 16 , 2018

    She appeared at our farm, a half grown kitten, screaming for food. Adorable and loving, she went on long walks with us and loved to be held upside down.

    Constance & Randall
  • Harold

    Harold: ? – December 4, 2011

    He came to our farm, a feral cat, but slowly gained trust. He ate treats held out to him on chopsticks, loved to be read to and listen to me play the Faure Requiem on the harp.

    Constance & Randall
  • Miss Claudia Hissy
    Miss Claudia Hissy

    Miss Claudia Hissy: ? – September 2019

    She appeared on our farm December 2011 and trusted us enough to bring her 6 kittens to the front porch. Feral, she was cautious but loved to rub my legs and get special food treats. Her children, Frank, Zorra, Mr. S., Cleveland (Clevie), Wilson and Pendergast still live on our farm.

    Constance & Randall
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    Bebe Tsonis

    In memory of my beloved princess kitty, Bebe.

    Eileen T.
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    In memory of Kinky (2008-2017).

    Kinky, my little friend, I miss you. You were just a 'dumpster cat' but from the first time I saw you (with your unique tail 'kink'), we fell in love with each other. Your life was too short, but you loved exploring, meeting & playing with our other cats & your toys and cuddling with your humans. I will never forget you.

    Jim Lareau
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    Manny was a stunning beauty, a Master of Many Purrs, a snuggle expert, and a super friendly guy ("he thinks he's a dog") who loved everyone who came into his world. He brought a wealth of brightness and happiness to all around him, and he is deeply missed by many friends.

    Jeanne Fogler
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    Kenya Neary

    Kenya passed away the day after Christmas at the age of 18 years & 8 months. He was a fighter, and a tremendous lover of love. He was feral, very feral. Kenya was the ‘King of the Jungle.’ But as he aged he needed a lot of extra care which included many trips to the vet, and he became less feral, more accepting, docile even. His passing was the most peaceful I have ever experienced which is a tribute to his fearless nature. Greeting him on the other side will be, his best friend, Cricket; then Bella, Chloe, Fritz & Snoopy. You are my heart.

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    Larry Hogan

    Larry was a special joy to his human mommy, she called him a Love Bug. He chose her at the Rescue center to come home, tapping her with his crooked paw. "He really touched everyone he met and made such a big impact in all our lives."

    Larry sure left his pawprints on everyone's heart.

    Liane Kerry
  • Remember Tallulah

    She had a loving home with one of the best - dear Suzanne.

  • Remember Steven Smith
    Steven Smith

    Rest in peace, beloved brother, friend and cat lover.
    We will miss you!

    From all your friends at Stevenson.

    Gloria Dunn
  • Remembrance
    Pecan Harvey

    In remembrance of the little stray cat who greeted us morning and night at the Residence Inn Houston Texas. Team Mixed Nuts unofficial mascot. He made all the guests at the hotel happy. He loved turkey, bacon and breakfast sausage. He would curl up in our laps and fall asleep and purr. I loved the way he looked at everyone's hands when they walked past him- looking for food. The hotel staff loved him and folks on our work team made sure he had a water bowl, fresh water, food daily and even a toy. We also ensured he was properly laid to rest. This little cat was a treasure to many whom were working in Houston far away from home for an extended length of time- many of us whom were missing our own pets back home. We enjoyed his affection and I believe he enjoyed us in return. Likely a stray aa a result of Hurricane Harvey, he had too short of a life and likely never knew what it was like to live inside, be well fed, and loved by a family. Regardless, we all loved him. A donation will be made in his memory so the future of other stray and feral cats can experience better circumstances and no tragic endings like Pecan had. We loved you Pecan and we will always remember you fondly.

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