• Charlie Lee Roedder
    Charlie Lee Roedder

    This is our beloved cat Charlie. He passed away June 8, 2022 at the age of 17. Charlie was a feral cat that we found outside 15 years ago. Little did we know how much love and joy he would bring to us. Our family and friends would tell us how fortunate Charlie was that we rescued him. But for us, it was the other way around. We were the fortunate ones. He rescued us. He taught us about life. He taught us how to love unconditionally. He was a gift and blessing from God. We will love Charlie forever.

  • Charlie
    Charlie Hackbart

    We will always love you, Charlie, and you are a part of our family, even as you were our happy, outdoor kitty. We shall see you again one day.

    The Cat Frat
  • Peanut

    The most innocent, gentle and effusively loving of cats, despite his FeLV status and later health struggles. He chose me as his human when he was 10, and even though we only shared five years together, he infused those years with at least fifty years of love. No human could live up to his goodness of spirit, but I am grateful for the light he cast into my life.

    Lisa S.
  • Keke

    Gone way too soon, but he has left his pawprint on many. Keke certainly had bigger adventures each day that most humans will have in their entire lifetime. You will be missed, but not forgotten!

    Brian and Ashley
  • Remembering Bob

    Bob was a feral kitten who loved to come visit our recently rescued stray, Jerry. They liked to play in the yard and the watch bugs together. Bob came for his food every day but we were never able to touch him. When we became sick we tried to get help for him but none of the shelters would give help or information. Jerry became sick a week later and if it had not been for Bob we would not have recognized the signs of illness in Jerry soon enough to save him. Since then, we have learned a lot more about helping cats since we know it is up to us to help any cats that come to us. Just this week two new strays were dropped that we are helping so Bob, and what we learned from him, is still helping more cats.

    Nick and Tammy Ferguson
  • Remembering Roger

    Roger showed up at the back door and didn't leave. His life was short but he took full advantage of the time he had. His fuzziness will be missed dearly. 2-3-22.

  • Remember Lola
    Lola - Our little peanut

    We lost our little girl on 10/28/21 and miss her more than anything in this world. We'll always love you Lola!

    Chris and Kristy
  • Remember Chesterton

    Love you and miss you, my little man.

    Nancy Millenbaugh
  • Remember Muffin

    Ode to Muffin

    People say he's just a cat
    And this is this and that is that.

    But what I know is all the joy
    He's brought to us our baby boy.

    Baby Dino, Fossil, Muff
    His 17 years were not enough.

    We'll miss him so; there are no words
    Like springtime sans the sound of birds.

    The world keeps spinning sad but true
    And trudging on is what we'll do.

    Besides our Tab he'll take his place
    And leave inside our hearts a space.

    The Warrens
  • Remember Gonzo

    I Will Always Love and Miss You Little Friend, You had the Heart of a Lion...Until We Meet Again

    Ron Abarelli
  • Remember SamWise Gamgee

    SamWise Gamgee a faithful loving companion for 16 years.
    We will miss your playfulness and love until we see you again.

    April Morrisett
  • Remember Jolie

    In Very Loving Memory of my little sweetheart, Jolie. I miss you so, so much. I was lucky to have you for 20 years, but it still wasn't enough. I miss your soft little warm self purring in my arms. I miss driving to our regular visits with you snuggling on my lap, looking out the window. I miss seeing you scampering around our vet's office exploring! Everyone who knew you loved your adorable little personality so much! I miss your sweet smell, and your cute little voice talking to me. I miss the way you loved to throw yourself down on the ground and roll around! I miss how you refused to live anywhere but the farm on which you were born. You enriched my life & made me happy. I love you passionately and miss you so desperately. My beautiful little Sweetie.

  • Remerbrance: Fero

    Fero (short for Ferocious) was the sweetest and the most savage cat I have ever. She was my best friend, my baby. She was suffering from a liver ailment about which we found out during her last few days but she thought bravely, tried to stay with us but ultimately succumbed. Mom misses her a lot, she was holding her when Fero passed away. I will always love you my darling. Rest in peace.

    Anwesha Das
  • Remembrance – Eddie Brando
    Eddie Brando

    Thank you, my big fat Brando cat, for blessing me with your love and companionship. Our time together was far too short, and I miss your presence every moment of ever day, but I understand you're still with me in a different capacity. I love you, my soul cat, my Eddie Brando.

    Angie L
  • Remembrance Lucca
    Lucca Tetreaux

    Lucca means light, and he shown a light on my life for 17 years. He called to me from a cage across a large busy room when he was a kitten to say we belonged together, and he was right. He was a protector and expert cuddler. I will always love you sweet Lucca.