A reinvigorated TNR program has returned to Bayside State Prison! In our last update, we announced that after weeks of constructive discussions with prison officials, we reached an agreement that ensured the cats would receive the care and food they need, prison operations wouldn’t be disturbed, the needs of inmates and staff would be met, and the cat population would not expand. Today, we are thrilled to tell you that last week we went trapping at Bayside State Prison and the outing was a huge success! We got 16 cats in total, 10 of whom were already eartipped. All the cats received a health examination and booster vaccines, and the 6 cats who weren’t eartipped were neutered and vaccinated.

“The staff and inmates were all supportive and happy to have the cats returned to the prison grounds,” said Paula Zdanowicz, Associate Director of Community Programs. “In fact, all of the cats have names, and some of them are 12 to 13 years old, which just goes to show how well-loved these cats are!”

We will be doing more trappings in the future to ensure all of the cats are neutered and vaccinated. With the reinvigorated TNR program up and running, the cats at Bayside State Prison have the support and care they need.