Melody Kretzinger-Stewart once had nothing. But after hard work for many years, and a lot of sacrifices along the way, today she has the means and the drive to make a true difference in the world. Her goal: Donate a significant sum of money, and make it truly count. That’s why, after extensive research, she and her son, Matthew, chose Alley Cat Allies as the beneficiary of their wills. On top of that incredible generosity, Melody donated well over $100,000 immediately.

Melody Kretzinger-Stewart, member of Alley Cat Allies’ Legacy Society.

She did it all to save millions of cats’ lives—today, tomorrow, and in the many years to come

“This is what I want my legacy to be, what I want my good deed to be,” says Melody. “To know I’m giving to a good cause is everything to me.”

Melody and Matthew are now members of Alley Cat Allies’ Legacy Society, a community of dedicated people leaving a legacy of love for cats by naming Alley Cat Allies as a beneficiary in their wills.

Planned giving like Melody’s is all about the future, and powers our mission to create an enduring positive impact for the cats and kittens who need us.

Why cats? Because Melody and her son love them dearly.

“We just think cats are the greatest creatures on earth,” says Melody. “They’re so easy to live with and never do anything to hurt you. They bring so much fun to all the little things in life.”

Her own cats, Mindy and Katie, are her steadfast friends. “They can go anywhere they want, but they love spending time with me,” she says. “They’re fabulous companions, and I firmly believe their adorable faces and purring are good for a person’s mental health. Truly a home without a cat is just a house.”

Melody’s cat companions, Mindy and Katie.

Thank you, Melody, for your incredible generosity, compassionate spirit, and dedication to cats and kittens everywhere. Alley Cat Allies is thrilled to expand our lifesaving work even further because of you. And if you’re reading this, Matthew, we thank you deeply as well!

Leave a Legacy of Love for Cats

Learn how you can invest in a brighter future for cats with a planned gift at (CFC#10964) (EIN #52-1742079) or for more information, call 866-309-6207.