Compassionate caregiving by extraordinary people is in the news once again. Pat Frederick caught the media’s attention in Philadelphia as she set out to feed 80 community cats around her neighborhood. A photographer captured her in a daily routine that takes five hours: Going from colony to colony, and from one street to another, to feed the cats.

Pat’s commitment is inspiring. As supporters like you know, this dedication to cats is shared by so many unsung heroes like Pat all around the country.

Pat moved from Chicago to her parents’ house in Philadelphia eight years ago. That’s when she began to feed the two dozen community cats on their block. That number grew to 80 cats after neighbors told Pat about other stray or feral cats outside.

Pat carried out Trap-Neuter-Return on the colonies with help from her community and Alley Cat Allies.

Pat says she feels rewarded by this work, which she does in every kind of weather. It takes a 16-pound bag of dry food, 32 cans, and three gallons of water to feed the cats each day. Several neighbors help by giving her a few bags of food each month.

“The best thing is when the cats are happy and giving you love,” she says.


*This article was originally published in Alley Cat Action, Volume 28, Issue 3, Spring 2018.