By now you have probably heard the story of Kiki. When Diana realized Kiki, her beloved companion cat of 10 years, was missing, she was scared and worried. Her worry soon turned to heartbreak when she learned Kiki had been trapped and killed at the local animal shelter. There was no warning from the city about the trapping, and Diana got the run around from local officials who were supposed to help.

Tragedies like this are why it’s so important for us to confront dangerous practices and replace them with proven, time-tested, lifesaving policies. Providing communities with humane programs is critical to keeping all cats safe. Kiki was killed because of inexcusably flawed systems. This is why we bring science and facts to decision makers to advocate for lasting change.

Outdated, cruel policies for cats threaten every single cat in a communitypet and outdoor cats alikeand they are to blame for Kiki’s untimely death. Kiki’s story is just one example of how these outdated policies result in millions of healthy cats and kittens killed in shelters each year.

We are pleased to say that the local police are working with us to change things and prevent something like this from happening again. We are working across the country, including Southern Alabama where Kiki livedto change outdated policies and implement programs in support of humane policies for cats.

Humane policies help all catspet, stray, and feral. Don’t wait for a tragedy like Kiki’s to happen where you live. Learn how you can make sure cats are protected in your community.