Alley Cat Allies is helping animal rescues keep hope alive for cats and people still recovering from the devastating 2017 California wildfires and 2018 mudslides. Surrounded by the smoke and chaos of the blazes, hundreds of cats were displaced from their homes. Alley Cat Allies provided grants to two local groups, Outcast Cat Help (OCH) and Surfcat Rescue and Adoptions, to support their lifesaving mission to care for the “fire cats” and reunite them with their families.

Through feeding stations equipped with cameras, OCH volunteers spotted and trapped Sebastian. He was reunited with his family 55 days after they fled their home during the Sonoma County fires.

“I’ve pinched myself every day since Sebastian got home,” says owner Coreen Allen. “I’m so grateful to everyone who contributed in having him come back.”

Thanks to OCH trapping efforts, Nemo was reunited with owner Claudia Meglin 87 days after he went missing during the Sonoma County fires.

“I ended up losing everything in the fire, but the biggest pain was that we didn’t have Nemo with us. Evacuating without him was one of the hardest things I had to do. Now we’re back together, and I almost can’t believe it,” Meglin says.

The Thomas Fire in Ventura County left little Roni with singed whiskers and ears, and paws so badly burned that she could barely walk. Surfcat volunteers rescued her and got her immediate medical attention.

A month after her rescue, Roni was reunited with her brother, Storm, who was saved by another Ventura County rescue. Now they’re safe and sound in a forever home—together. Look how good Roni looks!

Scarlett went missing when her family evacuated from the Thomas Fire. After weeks of failed efforts, Surfcat volunteers finally trapped and reunited her with owner Katrina.

Frankie’s owners had nearly given up hope after two months of searching following the Santa Rosa fire that burned down their home. With OCH’s guidance, Frankie was finally returned to his family’s arms.


*This article was originally published in Alley Cat Action, Volume 28, Issue 3, Spring 2018.