When Lynn Kennedy, Ph.D., decided to update her estate plans, she said she included Alley Cat Allies because we “make cats’ lives better.”


Lynn Kennedy poses with her cat Bangkok.

Lynn grew up surrounded by cats and dogs. During her busy career teaching English, and as chair of the Humanities and Developmental Studies Division at Darton State College (now called Albany State University West Campus in Georgia), she particularly valued cats’ companionship and independence.

Lynn is now retired, and she and her husband enjoy studying the group dynamics of her six indoor-outdoor cats, including Smokey Joe Wood and Light Horse Harry Lee.

“There is a definite sense of community among the cats, in spite of a little competition over who gets to sit in the humans’ laps,” she says.

Lynn encourages people who are making their estate plans to include provisions for animals in their care. By remembering Alley Cat Allies in her estate plans, Lynn will leave a legacy of compassion and protection for countless cats around the globe.