The dedication of our loyal donors like Christine is helping us protect and improve the lives of millions of cats, like Twix, pictured above.

Christine Livengood is what we would call a lifelong ally. She’s been a dedicated donor to Alley Cat Allies since she learned about our work all the way back in 1992, when our organization was only two years old!

“I believe that cats who live outdoors need to have a respected place in our world, too,” says Christine. “So, when I learned that Alley Cat Allies was making the first wide-ranging efforts to advise various cities and counties to stop trying to get rid of these cats, I wanted to support that.”

Christine has given on behalf of cats ever sinceand she didn’t stop there. She has also written letters to the editor about Alley Cat Allies and shared what she learned with her community.

Now retired in Arizona, Christine spends her time enjoying the company of her two 10-year-old cats, Jenny and Gabby, and continues to donate to support our lifesaving programs. And when she thinks back on the past decades, she’s amazed at how far the movement has come.

“When I recently moved to my current community, local organizations already knew about Alley Cat Allies and were operating with humane programs,” she says. “It was good to see how much has changed.”

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