We are sorry to say that New York’s declaw banning bill was stalled and did not make it through the legislative session. The bill would have made New York the first U.S. state to outlaw declaw surgeries for cats.

Thank you to everyone who took action and tried to get this groundbreaking legislation passed. Alley Cat Allies hopes that new legislation to combat the inhumane practice of declawing will rise again in New York.

Declawing isn’t just a nail trim; it is an amputation of the last bone on each of a cat’s toes. This invasive and unnecessary surgery can cause cats long-lasting pain. Cats rely on their claws for balance and protection, so they feel unsafe without them. This can lead to behaviors like litter box avoidance and aggressioncommon reasons why cats are abandoned or taken to shelters, where they will likely be killed. There are humane and effective scratch-prevention methods available, like deterrents, scratching posts, and claw covers. Declaw surgery is outdated and cruel, and is already illegal in several U.S. cities, and countries like Japan, Switzerland, and the UK.

The declaw ban has failed in New York for now, but rest assured that the issue has not disappeared. New Jersey is now taking up the torch and considering a bill to outlaw declawing in the state. Alley Cat Allies will follow developments in the bill, and any new or reintroduced legislation in New York, and keep you updated on progress.