In late 2020, Alley Cat Allies received a report of neglect of animals inside the Berkeley County Animal Control shelter in West Virginia. Taking a closer look, we found another case. Then yet another. What emerged was a pattern of extreme cruelty and suffering.

We knew we had to get to the full picture of what was happening. Upon conducting an in-depth investigation, we uncovered shocking and unacceptable treatment of animals inside a shelter meant to protect them.

Alley Cat Allies is now calling on Berkeley County leadership to investigate, charge, and prosecute those responsible for this cruelty. We need you with us to drive this change.

Watch and share our new video, Special Investigation: Saving the Animals of Berkeley County, WV, from Animal Control Cruelty.

This is a case of the rescuer becoming the abuser. Necessary veterinary treatment was intentionally, knowingly, and recklessly withheld from animals.

Alley Cat Allies filed a writ of mandamus in the highest court in the state to stop the cruelty, and that is just the start. We are asking for lifesaving change that begins with the immediate suspension of animal intake while an investigation is launched, and necessary veterinary care provided to remaining animals in the shelter.

Then a genuine animal control agency must be created that adheres to laws and adopts humane policies and standards that set requirements for how animals are cared for, with all employees fully trained on these policies.

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