Alley Cat Allies has added two new resources to our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Response hub to keep you informed about cats and how to care for them during this time of crisis.

COVID-19 Guide: Community Cat Caregivers is geared toward the many caregivers concerned about whether they can and should continue to feed their colonies through “Shelter in Place” and “Stay at Home” restrictions.

The answer is yes, you shouldas long as you do not have COVID-19, have not been exposed to someone with COVID-19, and do not otherwise suspect that you have COVID-19. This new resource provides detailed COVID-19 pandemic guidelines and clears up common misconceptions.

If you are having trouble affording cat food or become unable to care for the community cats who normally depend on you in this difficult time, this guide has the information you need.

COVID-19 Guide: You & Your Pet Cat has information that will help you prepare and protect the cats in your home throughout the COVID-19 health crisis.

As the situation rapidly evolves, questions are arising about COVID-19 and pet cats. This guide has answers based on information from leading animal and human health experts.

You will also find two checklists that can help you prepare in case you become unable to care for your pet cats.

Keep Watching for COVID-19 Updates

Alley Cat Allies’ goal is to provide you with good common-sense advice that will keep you and the cats you care for safe during the COVID-19 emergency. We will continually update these guides and all of our COVID-19 resources as new information becomes available.

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