Breaking news: Colton Fontes, the man charged with felony cruelty to animals related to death of tabby cat Mr. Meow in 2022, has been arrested on 27 felony counts including Rape of a Person Incapable of Giving Consent, Rape Of A Person By Force, Sexual Intercourse With Person Under 18, and Possession And Transmission Of Child Pornography. Several of the crimes charged were committed while he was out on bond after his arrest for allegedly killing Mr. Meow.

The Mr. Meow investigation helped make the new arrest happen. “Sheriff’s Detectives note that the investigation into Fontes’ pending alleged animal cruelty case provided important investigative leads and assistance to Investigators in this joint investigation,” said the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office in a press release.

Research has established that cruelty to cats is predictive of violent, criminal acts toward people. We call that powerful connection “The Link,” and it is why law enforcement and society must take animal cruelty seriously and take the strongest steps to penalize it to keep communities safe from perpetrators.

Alley Cat Allies has been involved in Mr. Meow’s case since March 2022, when the beloved cat was viciously shot to death in his neighborhood in Copperopolis, California. We have stayed engaged with every court date and with key individuals, including Mr. Meow’s family. Throughout the case, we have called for the maximum possible sentence and prison time for Mr. Meow’s killer and all perpetrators of animal cruelty.

Since our founding in 1990, Alley Cat Allies has championed stronger laws, legal action, and law enforcement response against cruelty to cats. Cats’ lives have inherent value, and they suffer and feel pain just as we do. They deserve protection, and how we treat them reflects how we treat all members of our society.

If Fontes is guilty of the disturbing charges, justice must be served.  It is crucial for the protection of all in Calaveras County that he is punished to the highest extent possible under California law and serves time in prison. We will continue to stay involved and see Mr. Meow’s case through to the end.

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