How to save & take care of a kitten and feral cats - an advocacy tool kit

Options Veterinary Care

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Options Veterinary Care

Services Offered: spay/neuter vaccines microchipping and more

Community Cat Policies: Feral Cat Spay-Neuter Process Cost $25 per cat, includes rabies vaccination and FVRCP vaccination. Tuesdays are the only day that feral cat spay/neuter is conducted. Up to 2 feral cats per person may be dropped off on Tuesdays only. If you have more than 2 feral cats, you must make an appointment. Cats must be in humane traps. Please cover trap with sheet, blanket or towel. If you don’t have a trap, they may be able to loan one.

Other Info: All cats must be in a carrier to be seen in our clinic. If you don’t have one, we’ll provide one for you! Keep cat carriers closed and secured at all times (especially in the parking lot) until they are in the exam room. Non-refundable deposit $50 due at time of scheduling spay/neuter appointment. Deposit will be applied to balance. Please call for pricing or to discuss financial challenges.

County: Washoe