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Pet Food Banks: The Pet Pantry program was created to support DC residents in caring for their pets by providing free pet food to those who indicate need. The food distributed is intended to supplement the pet’s monthly food needs and to reduce the financial burden associated with pet care.

How does it work?
The Pet Pantry operates on a regular schedule, with designated times and days of the week during which pet owners can show up to pick up for their animals. HRA is not able to provide food to pet owners who arrive outside of these timeframes.

The HRA Pet Pantry is open to any pet owner who is a resident of DC Please bring proof of DC residency the first time you come to pick up food.

Any pet owner who wishes to receive food for their pet through the Pet Pantry will be asked to complete an enrollment form the first time they come to pick up food. After enrolling the first time they show up at the Pet Pantry, pet owners will be given an identification card that must be provided during each subsequent visit.

Food may be picked up once per month for each animal who is enrolled in the program.

Within six months of enrollment, pet owners must show proof of up to date vaccines and spay/neuter for each of their animals. Pet Pantry staff can help any pet owner facilitate vaccination or spay/neuter for their animal, and pet owners are encouraged to inquire about these services when they arrive to pick up food.

Services Offered: The Humane Rescue Alliance offers spay/neuter services to help reduce pet overpopulation in the D.C. area. Contact them for pricing and availability.