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Heaven Can Wait Animal Society

Contact Information

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society


Services Offered: spay/neuter wellness

Community Cat Policies: Heaven Can Wait Society is one of the only clinics in Las Vegas serving community cats. They offer a walk-in clinic for community cats only Monday-Thursday, with drop-off between 9:30am-10:30am. Cats MUST be in humane traps. They cannot accept community cats in carriers, boxes, or other containers. Please do not provide food to community cat patients after 9pm the night before surgery. Cats will have their right ear “tipped” to designate that the cat has been sterilized. Community cat surgery fees include a complex rabies (1 year) and 3-in-1 FVRCP vaccination. Fee: $60

Other Info: As a nonprofit organization, we are doing the best we can to serve as many pets and their families as possible. To ensure fair access to services, they schedule appointments up to two weeks in advance. When available slots are booked, they suggest you call the clinic to confirm when the next slots will open. This will be the best time to make an appointment over the phone and online. Please note that their appointments fill quickly, sometimes within hours of opening. If you cannot make your appointment, please let them know in advance so that they can serve another pet in need of services. Spay $85 Neuter $65

County: Clark