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Happy Paws Spay Neuter Clinic

Contact Information

Happy Paws Spay Neuter Clinic

(859) 691-1137

Pet Food Banks:
Happy Paws Spay Neuter Clinic, located at 292 Stewarts Ln N, Danville, KY 40422, offers veterinary services with a focus on spaying and neutering. In addition to their primary services, they also provide pet food assistance to support pet owners in need. For appointments or inquiries about their services, individuals can contact them at (859) 691-1137 or visit their website

Services Offered: Happy Paws Regional Spay-Neuter Clinic is a low-cost, high-quality facility dedicated to providing affordable spay-neuter services to pet owners in Danville and surrounding region.

Happy Paws is a volunteer-run clinic and open one day a week. Please call 859.691.1137 and leave a message; we will call you back as soon as we can.