How to save & take care of a kitten and feral cats - an advocacy tool kit

Forget Me Not Animal Shelter (voucher)

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Forget Me Not Animal Shelter (voucher)

Services Offered: Our Stop the Cycle program has both spay/neuter vouchers to help lower income residents in Ferry County with the cost, and a litter rehoming service! With the litter rehoming service, we also provide spay/neuter vouchers for the parent cats or dogs, regardless of family income.

For 2022, we also have some limited funding for spay/neuter assistance available to residents of Stevens and Okanogan counties (while funds last)!

Request voucher assistance before it’s too late, OR request a spot in our Stop the Cycle litter program, by emailing [email protected] or leaving us a message at (509) 775-2308.

Community Cat Policies: Fear No Feral
Do you have a colony of feral cats on your property? They are FABULOUS for keeping down vermin populations, but without spay/neuter, you could be trading one problem for another. We can help! Our Fear No Feral Trap-Neuter-Return program will provide traps, instructions, and pay all costs for spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, and “”ear-tipping”” of the cats in your colony. Email us at [email protected] or leave a message for our feral coordinator at (509) 775-2308; let’s keep your ferals working for you without overwhelming you!