How to save & take care of a kitten and feral cats - an advocacy tool kit

Feline Rescue & Rehome

Contact Information

Feline Rescue & Rehome

(501) 661-0956

Services Offered: spay/neuter programs

Community Cat Policies: In accordance with our primary Mission is to help reduce the population of unwanted, stray, feral, and abandoned cats in Arkansas. To help wtih this, FuRR sponsors a low cost clinic once a month at Little Rock Animal Village. FuRR sponsors visits made by appointment only. You must have an appointment to take advantage of these low costs. You can request an appointment by sending your name, phone number and the sex and approximate age of the cats you need altered to [email protected] . Minimum age is 12 weeks and must weigh 2 pounds.

Other Info: Operation Save: This program is designed to help families of pets who could not afford services otherwise. There are NO income restrictions, nor residency restrictions to participate. This clinic is limited to providing alteration surgery (spay/neuter) and basic care for animals scheduled to be sterilized.

County: Pulaski