How to save & take care of a kitten and feral cats - an advocacy tool kit

Fairchild "Feral Friends" Foundation

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Fairchild "Feral Friends" Foundation

Pet Food Banks: This Grant is for Reading and surrounding cities in BERKS COUNTY, PA Caregivers who are on LIMITED INCOME and are struggling to maintain their colonies. This Grant is meant to help provide Food Assistance for Outdoor Feral Cat Colonies only–it is not meant to feed your entire colony year-round. If approved for the grant, you will receive bags of Special Kitty Dry Cat Food.

Services Offered: spay/neuter only

Community Cat Policies: Cats Must Come in Humane Trap. Ear Tips and tattoos required. Limited to 3 cats per colony in Berks County and 1 cat per colony outside of Berks County.

Other Info: Fairchild’s Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Clinics are on the 3rd Sunday of each month January-November unless indicated otherwise. Reservations for the next clinic will open around 10 am the day AFTER clinic. If the SUBMIT button is not at the bottom of the form it means we are NOT accepting requests at this time.

County: Berks