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Bethel Animal Hospital

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Bethel Animal Hospital

Pet Food Banks: , The pantry began distributing pet food for dogs and cats in January 2016. We started with a skeleton crew of three volunteers (we now have 28 volunteers) and limited knowledge of how to run a pet food pantry and how to obtain donations of pet food. The first year we distributed a bit over 8,000 pounds of pet food. To date we have distributed well over 140,000 pounds (as of April 30, 2021).

In addition to pet food the pantry now has various programs, free spay/neuter for both pets and feral/stray cats, a medical fund, educational fund and vet program and a fund to assist pet parents help their pets cross the Rainbow Bridge. (visit our Facebook page for a detailed description.) The pantry issued 353 spay/neuter vouchers that provided this service to over 400 pets and feral cats. Willowick Pet Food Pantry”

Services Offered: Urgent Care
Parasite Prevention
Pet Wellness Exams
Dental Care
Senior Wellness