Five-year suspension, but Lindsey can practice again after one.

On October 18, the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners decided to fully suspend Kristen Lindsey’s veterinary license for only one year.

Lindsey, a Texas veterinarian, killed a cat named Tiger by shooting an arrow through his head. She then posted a picture of it on Facebook and bragged about the killing. Despite the cruelty of her actions, the Board’s decision would allow Lindsey to practice veterinary medicine again after just one year, with another four years of probation.

Alley Cat Allies strongly disapproves of the suspension and believes Lindsey’s actions deserve nothing less than the permanent revocation of her veterinary license.

“With this ruling, animal owners may soon unknowingly place their animals in the care of a veterinarian who grossly violated her oath to prevent animal suffering,” said Misty Christo, our staff attorney. “That’s why a full license revocation was the only choice to protect both the veterinary profession and animal owners who may work with her in the future.”

Alley Cat Allies has been involved in the case since it began in April 2015. From the beginning, we have kept the story in the public eye, filed an amicus brief, offered testimony, and pushed for Lindsey to be held accountable for her cruelty. Our staff attended every hearing, and were present when the Board’s October 18 decision was made.

We and our supporters continue to believe that Lindsey deserves a harsher punishment for needlessly taking a life and breaking the public trust we place in veterinarians.

Lindsey has 20 days to request a re-hearing and 30 days to appeal to state District Court.

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