Election season is heredo you know where your candidates stand on cat protection issues? Before election day, we encourage you to research candidates and learn their positions on shelters, Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), and community cats. Your vote can make a big difference for cats in your community!

Remember: local elections allow the most access to candidates and can have the biggest impact for cats. If the information can’t be found online, don’t be afraid to reach out to your local candidates through phone or email and ask about their stance. Here are some ways you can learn your candidates’ positions on animal issues, and educate them if they are uninformed.

  • If it’s an incumbent, ask if an animal issue has been considered recently and, if so, what they said about it or how they voted.
  • Research which organizations the candidate has supported, or if they are or were on a relevant board like that of a local humane society.
  • Attend candidate forums and ask questions to learn more about their positions on animal protection, community cats, and shelter reform.
  • Invite your local candidate to visit your shelter or colony so they can learn first hand.
  • Offer to educate candidates on community cats, and talk about why Trap-Neuter-Return is a key part of saving cats’ lives.

    When talking to candidates, always keep a respectful tone so they recognize you are a serious, credible advocate. If they don’t know much about the issue, you can educate them and have a crucial impact on shaping their views. Remember to do your homeworkstatistics from your local shelter or a TNR group can go a long way in helping candidates understand the scope of the issue.

    Electing humane candidates is the best way to protect cats in your community and introduce beneficial, effective policies for their welfare. Everything starts with your vote, so research your candidates and help make a real difference on election day.