Please join Alley Cat Allies in celebrating the life and memory of Laura Nagata-Soto.

A resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico, for 48 years, Laura was dedicated to protecting cats and cared for hundreds of cats and kittens since she was a child. If a cat needed to be spayed or neutered, or a pregnant mother cat needed a safe place to raise her kittens, Laura created a safe haven for them.

“Laura had the kindest heart and cared for all animals. She would go out of her way to help the smallest insect,” Laura’s mother, Nancy, says.

To continue her daughter’s legacy of love, Nancy chose Alley Cat Allies for a gift to secure a better future for countless cats and kittens, inspired by Laura’s memory.

To learn how to donate to Alley Cat Allies in honor or memory of a loved one, visit PlannedGiving (CFC #10964) (EIN #52-1742079) or for more information, call 866-309-6207