Every day, the compassion and generosity of our supporters empowers Alley Cat Allies to provide access to care for cats and kittens. Here are just some of the recent lifesaving stories you made possible:

Snowball is Finally Out of the Woods

Last year, Snowball was abandoned at a community cat colony site. Unfortunately, when it’s known that someone is helping community cats in an area, some people think it is acceptable to “dump” companion cats they no longer want to care for in that colony.

When we had Snowball assessed at a veterinary clinic, we discovered he had a urinary blockage, which is a life-threatening emergency for cats. We jumped into action and provided Snowball with specialized surgery, but in the aftermath, he struggled to recover. For months, we had to keep a sharp eye on his health and act whenever his condition showed signs of deteriorating.

But today, after a long process in and out of the veterinary clinic, we’re thrilled to report that Snowball has been living the pain-free life he deserves, without medical concern, for months! Along with top-notch veterinary care, his recovery is thanks to his amazing fosters, who adored Snowball so much that they adopted him!

Our donors like you made Snowball’s immediate and long-term care possible. Thank you for helping us save Snowball’s life and find him a loving, safe place to land after all he’s been through.

Clover and Charm Have More Than Luck On Their Side

One kitten…two kittens! Clover and Charm may have lucky names, but they’re as healthy and playful as they are today not because of luck, but because of YOU.

When these siblings first came into Alley Cat Allies’ care, their health was fading fast and they needed immediate veterinary treatment. Thanks to our supporters like you, we could provide that treatment—and now they’re thriving.

We look forward to showing you more of Clover and Charm’s journey!

Alfredo and Sunny: Recovery Buddies


You know kittens are feeling better when they seek out new playmates! Alfredo (named for his coat, of course) is getting healthier and stronger every day thanks to treatment covered by Alley Cat Allies’ veterinary grant in Arkansas.

Alfredo’s favorite activity these days is to have “wrestling matches” with Sunny of the Orange Crew, a group of kitten siblings whose lives were also saved through our veterinary grant.

Alfredo and Sunny are just two of the many cats and kittens we protect every day through the generosity of our donors and supporters!