Update: May 31, 2017

We’re just a step away from Senate Bill 641 becoming law! SB 641 has passed the Illinois Legislature, and now it’s up to the governor to sign it into law.

If you live in Illinois, please tell your governor to sign this bill.

Original News Post:

An Illinois bill would give counties the option to fund lifesaving programs for cats.

The Senate and Agriculture Committee is considering Senate Bill 641-Amendment 1. Under this bill, if counties put their dog and cat registration fees into a county animal population control fund, they can use the money for lifesaving Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs.

Community cats are usually not adoptable, so shelters are a death sentence for them. In fact, 70 percent of cats are killed in shelters. TNR saves cats’ lives by getting them out of shelters and back to their outdoor homes, so it is critical that counties have the option to fund these programs.

If you live in Illinois, tell your legislator to give counties the freedom to choose TNR.