The Hawaiian government has threatened to use “any means deemed necessary” to get rid of community cats living in ports and harbors across the state.

The Department of Land and Natural Resource (DLNR)’s Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation is seeking to implement amendments to the Hawaii Administrative Rules that would lead to cats being killed and prevent caregivers from feeding community cats.

The proposed changes to the rules affect all of Hawaii’s ports and harbors, threatening the lives of cats who consider these places home.

Among the most devastating changes under consideration:

  • Allowing the Department to “destroy by any means deemed necessary” cats who live in ports and harbors
  • Implementing a ban against feeding all animals, including feral cats
  • Redefining the term “abandonment” in order to prohibit the practice of Trap-Neuter-Return.

Time and again, the residents of Hawaii have rejected such bans for their unnecessary cruelty.

If you live in Hawaii, please speak out against these amendments! Animals can’t defend themselves. They need your support.

Tell the government that these rules do not reflect the values of Hawaii or its residents.