Global Cat Day 2021 marks the most critical year to date in the global movement to protect cats and kittens. All over the world, cats face threats to their lives from governments and institutions that are sanctioning unlawful policies to kill and remove cats from the landscape.

Alley Cat Allies calls for the sustainable, nonlethal neutering and returning of cats. Will you join us? Visit to learn how you can fight for cats, in your community and everywhere.

Here are three actions you can take right now:

1. Join Becky Robinson for a new video report on the worldwide threats to cats

In this special exposé, Alley Cat Allies President and Founder Becky Robinson exposes institutionalized killing in the United States and Australia, the rising tide of animal cruelty worldwide, and the social change she is spearheading. Becky points out that the Endangered Species Act (ESA) does not legalize cruelty to cats. She is joined by her guest Emma Hurst, a member of the Australian Animal Justice Party and the New South Wales Parliament.

Watch TODAY they expose the assumptions and excuses being made to kill cats as immoral, cruel, and with malicious intent.

Watch the video on and Alley Cat Allies’ YouTube channel.

2. Sign the Pledge

By signing, you commit to inform yourself about issues and threats affecting cats, stand against animal cruelty, and act as an unwavering voice for cats, since they cannot speak for themselves. Sign and share with you friends, family, and community right now!

3. Wear and share Global Cat Day 2021

Alley Cat Allies is here to help you protect cats, and we have the gear you need to take your advocacy to the next level. You can find Global Cat Day 2021 educational materials and merchandise in our online shop today.

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Your Voice Has Never Been More Important for Cats

Alley Cat Allies launched Global Cat Day five years ago to shine a spotlight on the life-threatening dangers against cats in many different corners of the world.

Even though millions of people everywhere love cats and share their lives with them, cats sadly are also vilified all too often. In far too many governments and institutions, shallow, narrow, and simplistic thinking about cats and their place in our communities has led to killing as a means to remove cats living outdoors.

Alley Cat Allies is exposing these actions as cruel, ineffective, and unlawful. We CAN stop them.

Your voice has the power to change the world and save their lives. As independent as cats are, they cannot speak for themselves. Compassionate, dedicated advocates must act on their behalf and fight animal cruelty.

This Global Cat Day, stand with Alley Cat Allies as we work toward a world where every cat’s life is valued and protected.