Global Cat Day, on October 16, 2022, is a day to focus and dig deep in the fight to end cruelty worldwide, a fight that truly needs to happen every day of the year. Because while love for cats knows no borders, cruel and harmful acts against them are still far too common.

Alley Cat Allies launched Global Cat Day six years ago to shine a spotlight on the life-threatening dangers against cats in many different corners of the world.

Sign the pledge to fight against cruelty worldwide.

Alley Cat Allies confronts cruelty to cats everywhere and in any form, whether individual acts of cruelty or deeply-entrenched institutional cruelty by shelters, parks, and local governments.

But we need compassionate people like you to rise with us and take the fight against cruelty to your communities. All of us, united, can change the world to save cats’ lives.

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Stopping cruelty to cats requires everything from boots-on-the-ground work to policy change in the highest houses of government in every country worldwide. We can do it all, together.