Alley Cat Allies takes on new unlawful policy to shoot and kill cats on parklands

The East Bay Regional Park District (East Bay Parks) in California has shot dozens of cats to death in recent years in public parks nestled in densely populated areas surrounding the City of Oakland.

In June 2021, East Bay Parks’ Board ignored the voices of outraged East Bay residents by voting for a new park policy that includes lethal cat “control.” They have said publicly that there are situations in which the Endangered Species Act (ESA) would require them to kill cats. This is categorically untrue.

Alley Cat Allies has been standing up for the cats of East Bay in the courtroom and on the ground. Our polling data has revealed that opposition to East Bay Parks’ lethal approach is deep and widespread. Sooner or later and with our help, it’ll be sooner new leadership will be in place and bring the unacceptable cruelty to an end.