Dangerous amendments to Hawai’i’s Administrative Rules, which will harm cats and prevent the implementation of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), are now on Governor David Ige’s desk awaiting his signature. Alley Cat Allies and our supporters are asking Governor Ige to not approve the proposed rules.

The amendments, if approved, will increase the suffering and death among cats in the 44 small harbors and boat ramps operated by the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR).

The DLNR has said it is willing to allow non-lethal cat control methods to be used in its small boat harbors. However, the rules it has just approved will prevent such efforts. If approved by the governor, these rules will prevent the only humane and effective way to bring cat populations under control: TNR.

Here’s how these new rules will harm cats if they are passed:

  • Define the term “abandonment” in a way that prohibits TNR. The definition of “abandonment” in the proposed rules does not exempt people from returning spayed and neutered cats to DLNR land. Those doing TNR on DLNR property would be subject to punishment.
  • Establish a feeding ban for all animals, including feral cats. Time and again, the citizens of Hawai’i have rejected such bans because they are unforgivably cruel.

We’re asking Governor Ige to not approve these rule changes, and instead take measures to ensure TNR is given a chance to work.

If you live in Hawai’i, please ask Governor Ige to reject the amended DLNR rules today.